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--- 2009-2010 Dates ---
  • Fall Bull Sale - November, 2009 C A N C E L E D
  • Winter Bull Sale - February, 2010 C A N C E L E D

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A*L*O*T Directors Approve Consignment Rules

Sale Consignment Rules (Current as of November 27 2009). The following rules have been approved for consigning cattle to future sales:

  1. The sale committee will determine the dates that the consignment period will open and close.

  2. The sale committee will determine the maximum number of lots to be included in the catalog.

  3. Each member farm/ranch will be limited to a maximum of seven (7) lots in a given sale unless a request for additional lots is approved.

  4. All consignment applications must be sent to the sale secretary via US Mail.

  5. The sale secretary will prepare a consignment priority list based upon the ascending order of the postmarks of the received consignment.

  6. If the sale secretary receives multiple applications with the same postmark, and these applications cause the total number of lots to exceed the number set by the sale committee, then the sale committee will resolve the conflict by a random drawing.

  7. Consignment applications postmarked before the opening date of the consignment period will be placed at the bottom of the priority list in descending order of their postmarks.

  8. Consignments postmarked after the close of the consignment period will be prioritized below the requests for additional lots.

  9. The sale secretary will annotate the envelopes containing consignment applications with the date that they are received and then file the actual envelopes with the consignment application in the event they are required to resolve a conflict.

  10. The sale secretary will notify each consignor of the receipt of consignment applications in the most expeditious and cost effective manner. The sale secretary must send this notification within 72 hours of receipt of applications. (Deleted Oct 10, 2003)

  11. Members may request to consign up to five (5) additional lots. These requests may be approved in the event that the sale catalog has not filled by the end of the consignment period. Additional lot requests will be prioritized in ascending order of their postmarks. If a request is approved, the member will be contacted by the sale committee and informed of the approval. The member may then commit one or more of the lots requested. The member is under no obligation to commit any of the additional lots requested, but should he/she commit any additional lots, all paperwork and fees must be sent to the sale secretary by Priority Mail or overnight courier so that catalog preparation is not delayed.

  12. Appropriate consignment fees and the original registration certificate for each consigned animal must accompany consignment applications. Applications received without either of these items will be returned to the member and will not be added to the priority list. Calves at the side of their dam that are not registered at the time of the beginning of the consignment period are exempt from this rule.

  13. Catalog footnotes are encouraged and are the responsibility of each individual consignor. If footnotes are desired, they must accompany the consignment application.

  14. Consignment fees will only be refunded if a prioritized consignment lot is withdrawn during the consignment period.

  15. All animals consigned to A*L*O*T sales must be accompanied by a Health Certificate stating that the animal meets the health requirements for interstate shipment. (Added January 10, 2004)

  16. Bulls must score from 1 to 15 on the LSU Bull Ranking System [ use BACK key to return to this page ] to be eligible for bull sales. Bulls will be weighed at the sale facility upon arrival. We will utilize LSU Shrink Scale to calculate shrink while hauling and add shrink back to weight. (Updated October, 2006)

  17. Bulls and females over 1 year of age must have growth EPDs to be eligible for sale. (BW, WW, MILK, YW). (Added May 7, 2004)

  18. Effective Feb 2007: The age requirements on the bulls sold in the A*L*O*T Bull Sales has changed to a Miminum of 14 months and a Maximum of 48 months.

  19. Effective Feb 2007: Females sold in A*L*O*T Female sales may be up to 6 years of age - not yet 7 years of age by sale date.

  20. Effective November 2009: consignment fee are now $200.00 per lot.

  21. All cattle will be tested Arthrogryposis Mutiple (AM) and Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) Free or Have no Ancestry in Pedigree prior to consignment.

For information please:
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