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A*L*O*T Winter 2010 Newsletter
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YOU ARE INVITED ... To become a member of this exciting and vital organization! The dues are only $40 per year and are used to help sustain our organization. The A*L*O*T Angus Association is a registered non-profit organization intended to serve its members with an avenue to promote your Angus herd, just as large breeders promote their herds with sales, with field days, bull tests and many other ways. We, the directors, intend for the $40.00 to be the wisest money you can spend to promote your own Angus herd.

Dues paid after October 1 will pay your membership for the year, so there is no need to wait for the first of the year to roll around. ** (EXCEPTION: if you join in Oct/Nov and consign to one of the Fall sales of that year, Membership dues do not apply to the following year.)

Memberships not renewed by March 1, 2007 will be inactivated.

Please use one of the following convenient forms or send your name; farm/ranch name; mailing address; telephone number(s); Email address (if you have one); URL for your site (if you have one and want a link from the A*L*O*T pages); directions to your place and U.S.$40 Membership dues to:

909 Hwy 82 W, New Boston TX 75570

If you did not pay your dues by March 1st
your membership was inactivated.

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Web page: that can be printed out, then filled out by hand and mailed to the Association with your dues.

Plain Text Form: Can be downloaded, imported into any text editor, completed using your computer, then printed and mailed to the Association with your dues.

or use the PayPal Buttons below:

PayPal For your convenience A*L*O*T is now accepting PayPal! Your fast, secure way to pay dues and fees online without Sharing Your Financial Information.

NOTE: When you click on a button a new window will open showing Your Paypal payment page. When you are through making your Payment, click the button that will bring You back to a secure A*L*O*T page to complete the transaction.

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If you have been unable to use the Paypal buttons to make a payment, we recommend minimizing your AOL browser window, and connecting to A*L*O*T using just Internet Explorer or Firefox by themselves. When AOL is minimized and the connection is made using a regular browser, it is likely your order will go through.

If you are still having difficulties, we recommend that you contact AOL directly. They are aware of the problem (as it is occuring on thousands of sites) but do not plan to fix it on a global basis, instead handing out a patch to individuals.

A*L*O*T is sorry about this inconvenience, and hope that AOL will include a bug fix in their next release.

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