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A*L*O*T Board of Directors
» President
Bo Rogers,492 CR 4284, Simms, TX 75574-9620,903-543-2125

» Vice Pres.
Ernest Shelton – 909 Hwy 82 West, New Boston, TX 75570, 903-628-2178, eeshelton@aol.com

» Sec./Treas.
Learon Roberts– 2650 West Ferguson, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75554, 903-572-1857, roberts@wb4me.com

» Sale Secretary
Beth Wicker– 909 Hwy 82 West, New Boston, TX 75570 903-667-5581, Contact

» Arkansas Directors:
James Brown – 3698 MC 6, Doddridge, AR 71834, 870-691-3039
Tom Jones – #2 Wingate Dr, Little Rock, AR 72205, 501-920-1484, thomas.jones@arkansas.gov

» Oklahoma Directors:
Mike Dicks – 4621 E 44th St., Stillwater, OK 74074, 405-744-6163, michael.dicks@okstate.edu
Darrin Marical – Rt 1 Box 274, Tecumseh, OK 74873, 405-997-5729, dtcmarical@mbo.net

» Texas Directors:
Ron Northcutt – 5509 Pebble Court Mc Kinney, TX 75070, 214-733-8141, ron.lyn@randlfarms.com

A*L*O*T Direction for 2010

Several have asked what has happened to the A*L*O*T Sales. There have been several factors that impacted the cancellation of the November 2009 and the February 2010 Bull Sales as well as the May 2010 Female Sale. The lack of conditioned cattle consigned to the sales has forced these decisions. The A*L*O*T Angus Association has worked extremely hard to keep sale expenses to a minimum so that the producer may realize more profit.

With that being said, all of our sale costs for each sale is pretty much the same. Herein lies the problem. It is not economically feasible to have a sale with less than about 60 lots. When we have less, sale expenses skyrocket for each lot sold.

We all know what the cost is to properly fit a female or bull for the sale. The economic downtrend that we are currently battling also has taken a toll on the cattle industry and sales, not just our A*L*O*T sales, but all over the country. Most sales are seeing about a 50% decrease in sales prices. Couple this with the rising cost of fuel, fertilizer and feed prices, and it’s not hard to see why the consignment numbers are low. There are simply not enough sale quality cattle available. It is for these reasons, that we regretfully cancelled the 3 sales.

New Sale Criteria Forthcoming: The A*L*O*T Sale Committee has begun working on additional consignment criteria for future sales. The new guidelines set forth by the American Angus Association, along with the need to continue to focus on breed improvement and to improve the market value and demand for A*L*O*T cattle. It is our duty to strive to provide the very best cattle our breed has to offer to our customers and in turn, expect top dollar for them. Will this be easy? No. Will this be painless? Probably not. Changes never are, but are a necessity for improvement. When the criteria is complete, it will be published in its entirety.

Future Sale Options: The Sale Committee is also considering what may work best for future sales to improve sale averages and customer satisfaction. Combination sales (Bulls/Female) are being considered to try to help with the lack of consignments for a sale. The Sales Committee is investigating every way possible to make improvements and move A*L*O”*T back to its rightful place at the top of our breed.

What Does A*L*O*T do for the Member/Consignor? A*L*O*T is a tool that members/consignors should use to promote their ranch/breeding programs. I think of it as a part of my advertising program to stimulate buyer’s interest in what I have to offer at the ranch. Consignor’s entries in the sale are a direct reflection of that program. At the ranch, you show a few people your cattle at a given time. At the A*L*O*T sale, you show a few hundred people your cattle at one time. It only makes sense for us to bring the very best we have to offer. If we all make a conscious effort to do this, I feel the fruits of our labor will be rewarded.
        —Bo Rogers,
        President, A*L*O”*T Angus Association

The Sales Committee and Directors would like to hear from you. Please take the time to jot down your thoughts on what you think would improve the sales. See the listing of officers and directors on the left for contact information.

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